Premier Power Maintenance serves businesses in the Primary Metals industry. As an American Institute of Steel Technologies (AIST) member, we have worked in steel mills in various locations throughout the country and serviced aluminum factories in the Midwest and East Coast. We provide on-site technical support to service steel mills, engineers and managers and are able to staff up to 80 workers if needed. This means that Premier Power Maintenance is the go-to professional when you have turnarounds, a plant shutdown or planned maintenance scheduling that is needed in the primary metals field. We specialize in other industries as well, including but not limited to, mining, chemical refineries, utilities, education, healthcare, military and government.

Here are just a few of the areas we can help you maintain:

  • Medium and high voltage cables
  • DC rectifiers
  • Transformers electrical including high voltage transformer and substation transformer
  • Furnace transformer
  • Furnace reactors
    • Capacitor banks
    • Static var compensators
    • Harmonic filters
  • Many others

Premier Power Maintenance is a full-service electrical testing and maintenance company. We have the capacity to test, replace and service your equipment. Implementing a planned preventative maintenance program is a way to do this on a regular basis. We have OSHA trained employees. We believe “we can do the impossible,” and we keep your plant running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.