In the Health Care Industry, power is truly a life and death situation. A hospital, for example, must be assured of a constant flow of power; therefore, its critical power supply must function like clockwork, without interruption. And in the event of an emergency, it must have a backup generator.

Premier Power Maintenance is the preferred electrical provider for the largest hospitals in Indiana. We are the required provider for coordination studies, arc flash studies and automatic transfer schemes.

As technology improves, hospitals often find themselves having to upgrade their electrical infrastructure, implementing new power management technology to integrate all of the critical power components. Preventive maintenance becomes a crucial part of every health center’s plan to ensure an uninterruptable power supply.

Premier Power Maintenance understands these issues and is experienced in low voltage transformers, low voltage wiring and other low voltage (600 volts or less) components of electrical systems associated with hospitals, as well as medium voltage equipment. We are also familiar with the Joint Commission requirements that the health care industry must abide by. We will see that your electrical power distribution system conforms to the guidelines set by the Joint Commission. After an inspection by the commission, we can mitigate any necessary modifications or repairs. Premier Power’s preventive maintenance program will greatly reduce any deficiencies normally noted by the Joint Commission, allowing your facility to be proactive rather than reactive to these guidelines.

In the event of an emergency that disrupts the normal utility power feed to the hospital, such as a storm or a car accident disabling a power line, Premier Power Maintenance will be sure that you have an emergency plan in action whereby transfer switches will automatically transfer power over to a backup generator or another source of power. We can also perform emergency system testing to make sure the backup power generator is working properly.

Finally, Premier Power Maintenance specializes in the anti-contamination and dust maintenance procedures that are so important in a health care setting. When work needs to be done within the hallways of a hospital or health care facility in close proximity to patients, we will use dust containment carts, HEPA vacs and other safety equipment to contain any dust from the worksite.

Premier Power Maintenance truly is the premier electrical provider for the health care industry. Contact us today for an equipment preventive maintenance program for your facility.