Premier Power Maintenance is experienced in serving the varied needs of the Utilities Industry. Utility companies generally require our services specific to commissioning, repair, substation design, industry services, and hot vacuum services.


Premier Power Maintenance is routinely involved in commissioning utilities installations. In this service, we test a piece of equipment, such as breakers, regulators, reclosers, relaying and control schemes and battery systems. We also run ground grid tests and check the overall functional operation. Commissioning is a one-time duty performed at the end of a project. Our commissioning engineer customizes commission plans for our customers. Once the commissioning is complete, a logical next step is to establish a preventive maintenance program to keep your utility plant and equipment operating without unplanned shutdowns.


Premier Power Maintenance is a utilities repair expert. We offer 24 hours of service, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year. Our goal is to provide our customers with a safe, dependable, uninterrupted power supply. To that end, we can test your equipment, insuring an immediate response with the proper equipment to any emergency service request. We have highly qualified field service personnel and engineers capable of troubleshooting and repairs. We pledge to our customers that any and all emergencies will be handled promptly and professionally.


Premier Power Maintenance excels in the design and maintenance of substations. We can implement a substation design, build it and provide a preventive maintenance program that will help keep the electrical transformers, all other parts and the substation as a whole functioning at peak performance. Our experienced engineers are entrusted with the keys to our customers’ substations.

In Services

Premier Power Maintenance can perform many necessary procedures for our customers while a substation is still in service including infrared inspections, oil analysis from all devices including regulators, oil circuit breakers, transformers, reclosures, battery checks and visual inspection of all equipment. Functional tests of regulators and transformers are also done at the same time.

Hot Vacuum Services

Premier Power Maintenance offers a state-of-the-art hot vac service for its clients. Perhaps you have had an oil analysis and realize you have a serious oil problem with a transformer. Premier Power Maintenance will come on site to locate the transformer fault and direct mediation efforts. The process involves putting a vacuum on the transformer, heating the oil and the transformer, circulating the oil, reprocessing the oil and putting it back in the transformer. This refurbishes the oil and makes it like new. If a transformer has moisture in it, we will apply heat to get all the moisture out of the core and coil assembly and dry out the oil. In short, we can process oil and perform transformer repairs on your site.

Premier Power Maintenance can be trusted with all the electrical needs for your utility company. Contact us today for more information on how we can become your preferred provider.