At Premier Power Maintenance, we perform electrical equipment testing on site, such as cables testing and transformer testing.

We have an internal liquid analysis laboratory for testing and analyzing equipment insulating liquid. Our quality screening program consists of testing for acidity, color dielectric strength, interfacial tension, visual, specific gravity and water content. We can also provide dissolved gas analysis for transformer insulating liquid and can provide PCB analysis and disposal.

Here is a sample of the electrical system testing we can perform. For a complete equipment test list, contact us.

  • Emergency paralleling gear
  • Reclosures
  • Transformer testing
    • High voltage transformer testing
    • Current transformer testing
    • Voltage transformer testing
  • Protective relay testing
  • Circuit Breakers
    • High voltage circuit breakers
    • Medium voltage circuit breakers
    • Low voltage circuit breakers
  • Regulators
  • Station batteries
  • Metering equipment
  • Cable testing
    • including cable analysis and cables underground
  • Ground System
  • Power quality testing
  • Auxiliary equipment testing (arrestors,capacitor etc)

We also offer a state-of-the-art hot vacuum or hot vac service. Much of our work can be performed on your site. We are on call for 24-hour emergency service.