With state-of-the-art software and advanced training, Premier Power Maintenance will conduct an arc flash hazard analysis in compliance with NFPA 70E to help you establish proper arc flash hazard risk categories for personal protective equipment (PPE) and boundary protection. When you must perform a task closer than the allowable approach distance, using arc flash calculation, Premier Power Maintenance can determine the type, style and amount of PPE that must be worn.

Our engineers will provide insight and alternatives in protection of equipment to help reduce the risk of arc flash hazards. By working with your system configuration, system fault levels and exposure time, we will be able to create a safe environment for your employees as they strictly adhere to the safety guidelines.

We can also help determine what your facility must do to comply with OSHA guidelines and NFPA 70E, Chapter 1, 11, 8 (B) (1) (b), 130.3 and 130.7 (C) (9) (a).

Premier Power Maintenance can also conduct a short circuit study to determine the adequacy of your interrupting devices (such as circuit breakers) and to identify correct set points for instantaneous elements. Short circuit studies are necessary to insure that only the minimum amount of your system is de-energized if a short circuit occurs. We can help prevent costly shutdowns due to a main breaker tripping by making sure that branch circuit protectors are installed and operating properly.

These are only a few examples of the way Premier Power Maintenance engineers can use their expertise to create electrically safe working conditions and save you time and money by making sure your equipment is efficiently operating at peak performance. We are happy to help you with any form of electrical system maintenance, testing and power distribution engineering.