The safety of our clients and our employees is the number one priority for Premier Power Maintenance. From the very beginning, we have insisted upon safe practices in the workplace. Not only do we have an exceptional internal safety program, but we also offer electrical safety auditing and electrical safety training for our customers. We abide by the most stringent safety rules, whether they are the customer’s, OSHA’s standards or our own. We exceed everyone’s expectations in regard to electrical safety, where PPE (personal protective equipment) is the norm for every employee in every situation.

Every job begins with a job hazard analysis. We review the potential hazards of each specific job, and discuss how to mitigate those hazards.

Our employees are extensively trained in electrical safety, including certifications in first aid emergency care, OSHA 10 hour training, OSHA 30 hour training, Arc Flash safety, NFPA 70e, Mine Safety, MSHA, Hazcom, OSHA construction safety and more.

Premier Power Maintenance is proud to be an IOSHA Certified Partner and has been accepted into two well-respected safety programs based on our safety policies: Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety (MICCS) and National Compliance Management Service (NCMS).

Ultimately, electrical safety is built into every facet of our programs, and we have an outstanding safety record to back it up. To ensure that safety is always front of mind, Premier Power Maintenance has a weekly safety meeting to review safety issues and topics. We will implement safety in the maintenance and operation of your electrical power distribution system, and when we are finished, the equipment will be safe to operate, and your employees will be properly trained.